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TBD — Tampa, FL
10 Women Entrepreneur 
Scholarships Available!
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Only Available For Women Already in Business

Scholarship to be applied to this Exclusive 2-day Women Entrepreneur Event, to help you generate more leads, create more impact and collaborate with high caliber like-minded women

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Is This You?
*Only 10 scholarships available
  •  YOU HAVE AN ESTABLISHED BUSINESS - and have paying clients, but need MORE 
  •  YOU WORK HARD - But are fed up with old tactics and are ready to work SMART!
  •  YOU PROVIDE TRANSFORMATIONAL VALUE- But don't have enough leads
  •  YOU'VE INVESTED IN SEMINARS or COACHES - But haven't gotten an ROI
  •  YOU MAKE GOOD MONEY - But are ready to stop playing small and make GREAT $$$!
  •  YOU LOVE HELPING PEOPLE - But aren't making a BIG impact b/c you're in the rat race
  •  YOU HAVE AMAZING STUFF TO OFFER - But don't know how to package your services
  •  YOU HAVE SO MUCH POTENTIAL - But feel like you haven't come close to reaching it
Create A Profitable & Impactful Business You Love
*Scholarships are available to women only.
If you want to grow your business and make a BIGGER IMPACT, you'll love this event. 
What if you could...
Have Your Most PROFITABLE Year Ever?!?!
...so that you can get PAID for the VALUE you provide,
instead of the TIME you spend.
Denise DePaola
CEO of FundAdministration, Inc.
"Before PYFP, I was concerned with increasing my overall sales and how I could differentiate myself from my competitors. Just 4 days after the event, I  instantly increased my revenues by $58,000!!! "
This is NOT a typical seminar.

In this intimate setting, you will get direct

Photo of PYFP Event on February 20, 2016.
Includes PYFP participants and FEMM volunteers.

"The past PYFP events were better than I ever imagined!

The caliber of women in the room was off the charts.

Passionate, motivated, dedicated, and committed women with HUGE hearts, ready to take action and do whatever it takes to grow their business and help more people.

I love witnessing the power of like-minded women, the best of the best, coming together to learn and help each other. It is like nothing else.

If this sounds like you, you must come to this event!"

- Robyn
Terry Knight
Founder of Knight Creative Services, Inc.
"The environment that Robyn creates at her event is really special. The group was the perfect size to make really great connections. As a result, I was hired by an IDEAL client for a project worth $10K so far. And, I am confident she will be a very long term client and friend!"
That’s the promise of the PYFP Event.
When you get clear on exactly what's holding you back and where you need to focus, you'll begin to attract more IDEAL clients to your business, who are willing to pay you what you're worth.
You'll know exactly how to POSITION YOURSELF FOR PROFITS.

No longer will you be confused about what clients to target or how to separate yourself from the competition.

You'll be READY to take action and make some
Of course, it's never really about the money. It's about YOU being the best YOU and helping more people.

Currently, you might be facing the challenges of:
  •  Positioning yourself as an authority in your space
  •  Generating leads consistently
  •  Attracting the right client, who appreciates your value and is willing to pay for it
  •  Making irresistible offers, so prospects want to buy from you
  •  Closing sales consistently and effortlessly
  •  Raising your price points for your services and programs
  •  Packaging your products/services so you get paid for the value, not the time

The RESULTS speak for themselves
Christa Gesztesi
Licensed Brain Gym® Consultant
"PYFP gave me confidence, empowerment, and inspiration! My biggest take away was learning to sell my service with the purpose of changing lives.

Prior to PYFP selling always felt uncomfortable, dirty, and conniving.  Robyn gives sales purpose and meaning.

My total sales in the last 3 months (since the event) were more than DOUBLE my TOTAL SALES from ALL of 2015!! And…I’m changing lives!""
Ready to save your spot?

Join me at this special LIVE event…

10am - 6:30pm
Do not delay! Only 10 scholarships available!
Attending this event will help you:
  •   Attract more IDEAL clients
  •   Charge MORE money for LESS of your time
  •   Get REFERRALS or CLIENTS (at the event!)
  •   Get CLARITY on where to focus to get the best results
  •   Connect with other LIKE-MINDED women entrepreneurs
  •   Get HANDS-ON HELP with your specific problems

Photo of PYFP Event on December 5, 2015

You'll be amazed at how much you can learn and how much the way you think about your business will change— in just one day.

And... you'll have a ton of FUN!

For example, Robyn uses BARBIES to teach you about your "Money Type."

No more beating yourself up or thinking, "I'm not good enough." 

This event will help you accept yourself, while lighting a fire under your ass to start getting everything you want.

This is for you if you...
  •  Have inconsistent monthly income
  •  Are making offers, but do not get an immediate "Yes"
  •  Are charging an hourly rate and trading time for money
  •  You aren't generating enough leads 
  •  You've been playing small and have the potential to make more $ and help more people
  •  Are overwhelmed, busy and confused about where to spend your time
"I felt so empowered & inspired to make a bigger impact!"
Denise Purdy
Health Coach
"The connections I made with other women, were amazing!"
Theresa Jackson
Travel Advisor
"This event helped me in my personal life and my business!"
Zahava Schwartz
Image Consultant
Bring your specific questions &
 get customized mentoring...

This is not an event packed with hundreds of people! It's just you and a handful of ladies. So bring any question or problem you want solved and Robyn will give you specific actions steps.
Hands-On Mentoring
Customized Advice
Engaging & Fun
Janet Wise
Personal Branding Expert
"Robyn has been instrumental in educating us not only to understand our mindset, but to be able to articulate that back out into the marketplace. I'm feeling empowered and inspired, with the support of Robyn and the other mentoring women."
  •  You are just starting a business and do not know what you sell
  •  Do not have a high ticket offer ($1K+) that gives clients transformational value
  •  You are not coachable, not willing to be open, not willing to help others, or not willing to take responsibility for your success
  •  You don't have integrity when it comes to business, and want to make money in a deceptive or manipulative way  
  •  You blame other people or circumstances for your problems, or are an excuse maker or a "know-it-all" 
Lorraine Montalbano
Real Estate Consultant
"What an amazing and empowering event. I left with so many takeaways that I have started to implement to grow my business."
It wasn't that long ago when I was $47,812 in debt
When I first started a business as a financial advisor, I was struggling. I had no idea how to get leads, how to stand out from the competition, or how to close sales.

I was making $2K/m and had no assets and didn't even own a home. I felt like a total fraud.

I felt like a fraud because I was supposed to be helping people get wealthy but I was not wealthy myself. 

After several attempts to learn to grow my business by investing in seminars and "inexpensive" coaches, I finally hired the right coach. Though he was "expensive" his coaching cost me NOTHING, because my business skyrocketed.

With his mentoring and the support of a community, I hit 6-figures the following year and then wiped all my credit card debt. Since then, I've more than doubled my income several times over, making over 6-figures a month.

Today, I pride myself on being a coach and mentor, who gets her clients REAL financial results.

I'm most proud of my incredible community of like-minded women and the financial results of my students and clients. They are breaking through financial barriers even faster than I did!

Anna Cota
Life Coach
"The time was well spent! The hours flew by... The content was amazing, the women, vibrant and beautiful. I felt empowered and inspired. Thank you, Robyn for making it happen!"
Allison Morgan
Founder of Zensational Kids
"If you're trying to reach more people, reach more sales, give more value, and you want to really be empowered in being able to deliver that and do that, come to one of these sessions, work with Robyn because she definitely delivers."
10am - 6:30pm

Hilton Garden Inn
4052 Tampa Road
Oldsmar, FL 34677
What to Bring
All you need to bring is an open mind
and willingness to learn and implement
strategies right then in there!
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