Scholarship Application Process
*Please read the SCHOLARSHIP QUALIFICATIONS below before applying and follow the steps below. 

Once you pay the dollar and fill in the application, upon approval, you will have a 15 minute interview with Robyn to go over your business and find out if you qualify for the "SCHOLARSHIP.

STEP 1. Pay $1 application fee.

STEP 2. Fill out the short application.

STEP 3. Schedule your 15 minute Scholarship Interview on Robyn's calendar to go over your business and core challenges. 

STEP 4. Upon acceptance of the scholarship, you will receive $2700 off the $3,000 tuition immediately. *Your card WILL NOT be charged more than $1 without your consent. 

(Please note that the number of scholarships is limited to only 35, so not everyone will be accepted)

Robyn Crane
Business Growth Expert For Women

I'm committed to helping women make more money and help more people. Let's do this!
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  •   You have an established business
  •   You are in a service-based business
  •   You are committed and motivated to have  your best year ever!
  •   You are an implementer
  •   You're willing to step outside your comfort zone
  •   You are coachable
  •   You care about making a difference and helping people
  •   Your business is not an MLM