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June 12th - 14th 2024 

PLUS... We Will Be Showing You How Our Clients Are Adding Millions In Assetts Under Management, Life Insurance And Annuity Premiums


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How To Get Just 10 Clients And Exceed Your Revenue Goal

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When You Register TODAY You'll Also The ...  


Get the ultimate guide to landing high net worth clients without the awkward hard sell or wasted time... delivered LIVE and in real-time on Tuesday (9/26). 

We Like To Let Our Past Attendees Results Speak For Themselves...

"We've built a list of 8,500 leads that we continue to nurture and convert since we first spoke with Robyn."

"I increased $35mm in new few paying assets."

"I made $50,000 more over the last four months than I did two years ago!"

"Last month I did $100k in sales!"

"Had a $15k pay cycle today.
$20k for the whole month!"

There's Never Been A Better Time To Add Millions In AUM AND Life Insurance/Annuity Premiums to Your Business Than RIGHT NOW!

Although these results are not typical, any financial professional with true value can grow their practice properly by following the methods we will be teaching at The Position Yourself For Profit Live Virtual Event.
Yet it still takes hard work and dedication. I’ve shown you proof that they have worked for us, they’ve worked for others and can work for you too.

So if you're a financial professional making good money, but know you have the potential to be making GREAT money...​

Here's Exactly What You Get:

  • ​How To Get Instant Credibility & Stand Out - to slice through a noisy marketplace and work the best clients.
  • ​How Our Advisors Attract The Right Clients - so they get paid what they're worth.
  • ​How We Use Innovative Systems Without Confusion - so our clients can focus on the things that matter! The "PRODUCTIVE" things over the "BUSY" things.
  • Discover “The Revenue Accelerator System” - that our clients are using to simplify their whole business. (Already being used by over 250+ financial professionals across the US since 2020).
  • ​How We Fully Systematize Marketing Methods - with ease to give our clients their time back without chasing after the wrong people.
  • ​How To Drive The Most Qualified People To Want To Talk To You - and meet with you through proven organic LinkedIn marketing strategies that no one else in the industry is using.
  • How To Attract The Best Clients - through crystal clear messaging.
  • ​How We Convert Prospects Into Clients - ethically through our “Rapid Client Capture” conversion process; that's never pushy or salesy.
  • ​What To Say, Where To Say It And How To Say It - so you have instant credibility and authority!

3 Days LIVE Interactive Training

Join Robyn LIVE

Join Robyn for 3 days of live virtual training (11am-5pm EST), where you'll learn the entire 5 Step Revenue Accelerator System™ which delves into mindset, target marketing, messaging techniques, online marketing methods and high impact conversion frameworks.  

This is everything you need to Accelerate Your Revenue in TODAY'S environment — without working long hours or working with subpar clients.

The Position Yourself For Profits Workbook

Here's What You'll Find Inside

  • ​The Exponential Growth Model - discover the secret to fast, sustainable growth in your business.
  • ​The Money Type Quiz - understand what beliefs and behaviors are serving you and what is holding you back from creating higher levels of success.
  •  Ideal Client Identifier (aka "Cloning Magic") - follow this simple process to determine who is the right person to "clone," so you can hit your revenue goal with only 10 new clients.
  • Channeling The "Clone" - learn how to extract compelling messaging (from your own head!), so you forever have a way to attract Ideal Prospects
  • Messaging Maker Formula - get the exact template to craft magnetic messaging, which creates credibility & drives action — Plus, the list of 27 different places to use it! 
  • LinkedIn Direct Approach Messaging Swipe File - use a proven outbound prospecting system to fill your calendar with appointments daily
  • The Transformational Selling Model - follow a tested 5-step conversion framework that is designed to provide tremendous transformational value, save time and convert. 
  • VisionLeap™ Process - experience stepping into a new future that you choose and wholeheartedly design 
  • ​And...Sample Messaging up the wazoo

This invaluable 73-page resource includes all the templates, systems, tips, swipe files and tools you'll need. 

You'll love having this guidebook on hand to help you attract ideal clients, convert them easily and build your ideal business and ideal life. 

Intro of Robyn's Bestselling Audio & eBook

You'll Get This
#1 International Bestseller

Get instant access to Robyn’s #1 international bestselling book and audiobook, designed to help you make more money by helping more people.

Pre-Event Golden Nuggets & Community

Get Empowered!

Well before the event starts, you'll be part of an incredible group of like-minded financial professionals, all committed to growing their businesses and making a bigger impact. 

The support and excitement from the community is enough to jumpstart your success and motivate you to action!

Here's what you'll get in the WhatsApp Community:

  • Pre-Event Value-Add Audio &/or Video Message
  • ​Daily Event Recaps 
  • ​Supportive Community To Share & Celebrate
  • ​Inspiration and Motivation 
  • ​Easy place to find links, get support and feel heard!

EARLY BIRD BONUS: 2 Hr Group Coaching Session

**You must be one of the first 50 people to join the challenge, to claim this BONUS ($1000 Value)

Get Answers!

LIVE Interactive Session with Robyn To Identify Your Ideal Client, Craft Compelling Messaging & Implement Marketing Strategies That Work.

**Session Scheduled For Wednesday, January 20th

NO this is NOT some boring financial conference with a few old-school ideas that you already know.

This is a no-fluff transformational event with innovative online strategies that have been designed, proven and tested for financial professionals.

Our clients fly in from all over the country to join us LIVE in Tampa for most events...

But we've decided to make it easier by delivering the exact same content right to your laptop from the comfort of your own home! 


No long hours travelling and spending lots of money on hotels...

You just need to turn on your computer and join in!

So get ready to grow and LEARN!

This will be different than all other virtual events you've ever attended so far! No FLUFF, No HYPE just straight to the point strategies anyone can use no matter what level of expertise in building a financial business...

Learn The Revenue Accelerator System™ That Got Robyn To $1M/year 
(With a teenager, toddler & baby)

Here’s a sneak peek of what you’ll learn—and DO—over the 3-Day Event

From the desk of Robyn Crane's:
Home Office in Tampa…

Dear fellow financial professional,

If you’re like most financial professionals attending this virtual seminar, you’ve more than likely been struggling to get new IDEAL clients into your business consistently and reliably?

Maybe you’ve done the traditional "make your list of 100," try to build relationships with COIs and even spent a small fortune on seminars...that left you high and dry?

Perhaps you’ve hired different “experts” who don't understand the industry or compliance but said they could help you get clients but didn’t deliver on their promises…

If you’ve been feeling isolated and overwhelmed with the whole process of trying to piece everything together... 

Then this will be the event you've been waiting for since starting your financial business!

Now listen... I’m not here to waste anyone's time.

Without going into the whole back story...
I became a financial advisor in 2006 and followed the archaic marketing and sales strategies that were taught and it didn't work!

I had to go outside of the industry to find digital marketing methods and sales techniques and decode them for the financial industry, so I could make more money and save a ton of time.

I went from $500 in new business in 2014 to $500,000 in new business in just two years and then a few years later hit the 7-figures/year mark. 

Over the last 7 years, I've been sharing these strategies with thousands of financial professionals and have helped some reach over $100M or even $200M in AUM and multiple 7 figures in life insurance and annuity premiums.
Featured On...
Trusted By...
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00 Years 00 Months 00 Weeks 00 Days 00 Hours 00 Minutes 00 Seconds

Don't Let This Event Pass You By 

Sign Up TODAY And Get These Bonuses BEFORE The Event!

High Impact Conversation Framework

This proven sales method is the ultimate transformational selling method that's not salesy, pushy, or invasive. 

In this training, you'll learn the exact system to follow that creates immediate connection and trust while guiding the prospect to the next step quickly...if there's a fit. 

The High Impact Conversion Framework is NOT the typical fact-finding method (taught in the industry). 

Instead, it's a discovery process to genuinely determine if there is a match. 

Ideal Client Capture Cheat Sheet

This 7 step process goes hand in hand with the High Impact Conversion Framework. 

It is designed to be used with a prospect at the final stage of the sales process. Included are the 7 pivotal questions to convert prospects into clients in the first deep dive meeting. 

Plus, this document reveals all the reasons behind why we use the language we use and how to drive fast action without being salesy. 

The Appointment Generator Script

Everyone loves getting referrals, but very few people love asking for referrals.

There's a good reason for that. Asking people to "help" you grow your business is not good motivation for them! 

It's awkward and weird to ask for the way that you've been taught. 

So, don't worry! You don't need to ask for referrals. 

With the appointment generator system, all you need to do is follow it step-by-step.

And without being awkward or annoying, you'll get people aligned with your mission and excited to introduce you to people you know. 

You'll love this tool. (Get referals intentionally without ever saying the word "referrals!)

The 7 Step Marketing Plan

If you've been following the old, archaic strategies the industry teaches, you probably do plenty of prospecting. 

But is it predictable and reliable? 

Are your prospecting or marketing strategies actually getting you IDEAL clients?

Get excited...because with the 7 Step Marketing Plan, you can remove all the guesswork. 

This process walks you through step-by-step to determine what is working, what's not working and what tweaks need to be made so that you get more ideal clients with less marketing. 


This will help you optimize what's currently working and eliminate what's not!

What Our Previous Attendees Said About This Event...

Who This Event Is For:

  • Financial Professionals who have TRUE VALUE to deliver… 
  • Financial Professionals who desire to make a bigger impact...
  • Financial Professionals who finally want to take their business online...
  • ​Financial Professionals who have struggled to get consistent IDEAL clients...
  • ​Financial Professionals who WANT clear structure and guidance... 
  • ​Financial Professionals who are too busy servicing hundreds of clients, but still not making as much as they know they should/could

For those who do not have predictable and reliable marketing strategies to get to the people who really need help…

... And who are passionate about helping others, but have secretly been struggling to build a successful financial business with time freedom AND money…

... And who are 100% ready to discover how to “Position Yourself For Profits”



Position Yourself For Profits Is A Place To...

  • Feel heard...
  • Feel understood...
  • Release the brakes...
  • ​And grow into the person you know you can be!

Especially during these uncertain times...

The world around us seems to be in chaos and fear.
But that does not mean you need to choose to live in crisis mode.
You can make a decision to share your gifts with the people who need you most.

*WE ONLY have a limited number of seats to attend this Transformational Virtual Event! 


"I closed a client for $120K in new revenue"

Nicholle was on track to 
DOUBLE annual revenue, in July!

"I just collected my first FBP check. $4000."

"I made $27,200 last week and $9,00 this week and got 2 new clients."

"I've gotten 11 clients totaling $16 million."

How Much Will "Not Attending" Cost?

Think about a financial professional average monthly income over the past 12 months...

Let’s say that average income is $5,000 per month…

But their goal is actually $15,000 per month in their business…

That means the gap between where they are and where they want to be is $10,000…

Meaning they're actually paying a cost of $10,000 EVERY MONTH that they don’t structure their financial business properly!

That's $10,000 lost EVERY month In Opportunity Costs

What's that annually?

"Who Am I And Why Should You Listen To Me?"
My Name is Robyn Crane, CFP®

I am obsessed with shifting the financial industry in a MAJOR way. 

And women, minorities and anyone who doesn't fit into the "old boys club" knows that it's time for a big CHANGE! 

I was a financial advisor and CFP® for over a decade and I got fed up with the archaic "pound the pavement" marketing methods which were time-consuming and inefficient. 

The pushy sales methods, like "dialing for dollars" and "fact-finding" weren't for me, so I discovered a new way.

...A way to stand out and look different.
....A way market myself online and showcase my value
...A way to attract ideal clients quickly, without being awkward or salesy.

If you're fed up with the old, archaic methods and want to be more successful, then learn a new system that you're aligned with and works today!

The world has changed, and people need your help more than ever.





So Why On Earth Is This Only $27?

Well, It's not really about the $27.
(I don't get rich from making $27 offers...)


This is the lowest amount we could charge to separate the
people who are willing to invest in themselves and the cheap people (we call them "cheaple")

The people always looking for freebies but do nothing with what they're taught.

We only want people who are growth minded and will take action
on what we teach at this 3 day live virtual event for financial professionals.

So by charging so little, it is the least amount to separate the freebie seekers from the people who are willing to invest in themselves and take big action on their dreams!


But you'll be surprised how many people will not take the action even on such a simple task!

From Here, There Are 2 Options...

Either continue down the path of uncertainty using the traditional marketing and sales strategies taught in the industry with no one to turn to for help...

Or choose the road less travelled.

As they say...

"Nothing changes if nothing changes."

But to make something different happen, one must make the conscious decision to change the direction of the path they're currently on.

They must make a new choice to pursue a new outcome!‍

It’s been said that "in the moments of decision is where destiny is shaped."

What will you decide to do right now? The same things that keep getting the same old results….

Or will you make the decision to take your life and business to the next level?

Seating is EXTREMELY LIMITED so act fast! 

If This Page Is Online Right Now… 


So Come And Join us Live On:

June 12th - 14th 2024
11:00am - 5:00pm EST

(We can only allow a very limited number of attendees to attend, so if you're seeing this... move FAST.)

More About Your Host, Robyn Crane CFP®

Robyn Crane, CFP® is a Keynote Speaker, Best-Selling Author and leading Business Coach for financial professionals. She’s shared the stage and/or podcasts with thought leaders such as Richard Branson, Mel Robbins, Michael Kitces, Grant Cardone and Rachel Cruze. 

She is known for engaging and inspiring audiences and has spoken at events such as: Financial Planning Association (FPA), Women in Insurance & Financial Services (WIFS), Traffic & Conversion, Guardian Life and Prudential Financial. She has been featured in O, Oprah magazine, Fortune, Entrepreneur, Wall St. Journal as well as ABC, NBC, Fox Business News and the works.

In the financial industry, she is best known for her book called, “Make More Money, Help More People,” and podcast, “Growing Your Financial Business…The Woman’s Way.” 

Her company’s mission is to create a paradigm shift in financial services to being more welcoming and accommodating for women. 

Part of the initiative to do this is a specific focus on increasing the footprint of women in the financial industry from ~24% to 50%.

At home, Robyn keeps busy with her 3, 5 and 16 year olds and entrepreneurial husband. She also loves playing tennis, pickleball, and occasionally steals the mic to sing ‘shoop’ (if she’s in a crazy mood) or ‘ain’t no sunshine’ (if she’s feeling more seductive). (We can only allow a very limited number of attendees to attend, so if you're seeing this... move FAST.)

Ready For Transformation?

Then This Is The Chance To Claim A Virtual Seat To One Of The Best Coaching Events,
 For Financial Professionals, Of The Year!
We'll See You There!
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DISCLOSURE: There will be an offer made at the end of this event. This offer is for those who wish to continue their knowledge and education with Robyn Crane, and her team, for a longer term to quickly implement what is taught during this event and to continue to learn the skills of building a successful financial business as we progress and as the market changes. Even with our guidance, building a financial business still requires hard work and most who invest in business coaching do not achieve their desired results. Please do not purchase a ticket or invest in any program if you do not understand there is risk involved. During this event you will be shown the steps & strategies some of my most successful client have implemented, tested & tweaked. These strategies have a proven track record of success. You can use this knowledge on your own without purchasing ANYTHING. Our offer is to help guide you at the fastest pace possible to get you the fastest results possible. 
DISCLAIMER: The sales figures stated or referenced herein are my personal sales figures or ones that are from my clients. Please understand these results are not typical. And, I'm not implying you will duplicate them (or do anything for that matter). I have the benefit of practicing direct response marketing, e-commerce and advertising for many years, and I have an established a small following and some credibility as a result. The average person who buys any "how to" information typically gets little to no results. I use these references for example purposes only. Your results will vary and will depend on many factors including but not limited to your background, experience, work ethic and many other variables. All business entails risk as well as massive and consistent effort and action. My statistics, revenue and examples mentioned herein ARE MY RESULTS and they should not be taken as a guarantee or even an implication that you will get the same, or results even remotely close. My goal is to simply share with you, and teach you the strategies and techniques that I have used to create what I believe success looks like. I do not teach you, "how to make money." Nor do I guarantee you'll ever make any money from this or any of my books, programs or courses. In fact, I believe it’s more accurate to say that most people DO NOT MAKE A SINGLE PENNY with this or anything else they buy online.  You must be willing to put in relentless effort and continued action to even have a chance of succeeding in any business. PLEASE DO NOT CONTINUE if you do not understand this.